SCQA Fall Update


Hello Parents, Coaches, and Volunteers,

SC Queen Anne is optimistically planning on another exciting fall 2020 soccer season. I know we are all wondering the same thing: when will we be returning to a normal way of life and what will that normal life be like?

There are so many uncertainties facing us, and the timing is such, that we felt opening registration in May was important for planning purposes and could be done so at low risk to our families. Over the next few months, we will learn more and hopefully, things are safe enough for our families and members to return to the fields.


We have structured our registration process to minimize the financial component as much as we can. We would like you to complete registration like normal and we will not process the registration or any payments until July 3rd to prevent tying up our members' finances. Registering now allows us to see how things are coming together unofficially, as July is the month that we begin verifying that teams are viable, and the bulk of our planning is put into motion. If teams begin to fill up, we will create a waitlist for new players.

The second reason we are processing the payments in July is to allow us to utilize an electronic refund process in the event our season is suspended—we have a 90-day window to issue refunds electronically.


Families will have the option to pay over time. The initial payment will be $20.00 per child and the remaining amount will be divided into 2 payments. This was done for multiple reasons, however, the main purpose was to minimize the amount of money we are tying up. Again, we are trying to minimize the financial impact as much as we can.

Finally, our scholarship program is available to anyone and everyone—if you would like to request a scholarship, please email us before you register so that we can give you a scholarship code to use. Email us at


Ultimately, we all know this decision is up to each family. SC Queen Anne is committed to the safety of our players, coaches, and volunteers, and will not return to play unless it is safe to do so. As a dad, I understand the difficulty behind these decisions and am confident that we're taking the right steps at the right time to return to play safely.

Thank you and be safe.

Yarrow Banko
SC Queen Anne - President