Queen Anne Soccer Club will be offering soccer this fall, starting Monday September 28th. As King County is not expected to enter Phase 3 until mid-October at the earliest, SYSA has canceled the Fall 2020 soccer season so there will be no games this season.

As a club and with the help of our volunteer coaches, we will instead provide a skills program that meets the guidelines for youth soccer, based on age group, focusing on no-contact fundamentals like dribbling, passing and juggling. For this to work, though, we need all parents and players to follow strict health and safety guidelines, as outlined in our Return To Play.

All parents must also use TeamSnap to track participation and communicate with the club and coaches. Players will be assigned to "teams" based on practice time, below. Please make sure you download the free app, accept the invitation to join the team, and importantly let the club know when you are NOT going to be attending a practice.



The program will take place at QA Playfield (Big Howe) and Smith Cove, with times based on Age group, as follows:

QA Playfields Smith Cove QA Playfields Smith Cove QA Playfields
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


U8 U9 U8 U9 Open


U10 U11/U12 U10 U11/U12 Open


GU13+ GU13+


BU13+ BU13+

Each session will be approximately 45 minutes long, to allow transition time between groups, to minimize contact.

Program Summary

This season all the player will work within a 15ft x 15ft technical area where they'll be able to work on dribbling, juggling, and passing. Each technical area will have a minimum of 9 ft between them, where the coaches will remain. Players will not be required to wear a mask while in a soccer activity, but can choose to wear one.

Coaches will also have a walkways that will allow them to coach while maintaining social distancing. Coaches will wear masks.


  • Players will NOT be required to wear masks while in an activity because of Sudden Cardiac Arrest and other potential  medical reasons. Players can choose to wear masks while practicing.
  • Players will need to wear a mask while on breaks or between activities and while entering and exiting the play field.
  • Player will be given their own ball on the first day. This is their ball to keep and take home. Please mark your ball and bring to each practice.
  • Players will need to bring all of their own equipment: ball, water, shoes/shinguards, hand sanitizer, masks. No sharing!
  • Handling soccer balls, especially other players', will be discouraged. No goalie or throw-in drills, our activities will be foot only.


A Note on Safety

While this goes without saying, please keep your child home if s/he is feeling unwell; check CDC's Symptoms Checklist.  If you suspect the player has or has been exposed to COVID-19, please notify the Club immediately.

Players will need to wear masks while coming / leave practices. We are going to provide an enter/exit arrangement for the play field and a 10 min transition time between practices. Please refer to instructions in TeamSnap.

No Parents on the field.

Players will need to be dropped off and picked up in the designated areas.

We appreciate your patience and adherence to these rules in these difficult times.