Beginning in the Fall 2021 season, we’re excited to introduce all-gender team options for our U6 - U9 in-house leagues, alongside our neighbor clubs of Ballard, Woodland, and Lake City. For our players who identify as gender non-binary, or players who would prefer playing on an all-gender team for any reason, these teams are a great option for them to play soccer this fall while creating a healthy atmosphere for all our players to develop as people. If you have any questions about team placement for your player, contact us. We recognize each player's situation is different and we are here to help.

Our U6 & U7 players will play games with other Queen Anne teams on Saturdays, and our U8 & U9 teams will compete with teams within the clubs of Ballard, Queen Anne, Woodland, and Lake City. Teams will be organized by Girl, Boy, and All-Gender and will play in their respective divisions.

All our teams are driven by volunteer coaches. In addition to our Soccer coaching materials, we will provide information and materials more specific to gender identity and expression so that our coaches have confidence with the terminology and background to these issues.

How registration works: Once in the registration process, we will ask if you would like to play on a Boy, Girl, or All-Gender team. Select one and complete registration. We will try to place players on teams based on this selection.

Our Registration for Fall Leagues runs May 8th - July 4 or until teams are full. Join us for an amazing soccer season.