Thank you for considering Coaching or becoming a Team manager. 

All of Our Teams are coached and managed by volunteers. Every one of us has a different soccer story and the cool thing is, none of it really matters. Coaching soccer is about being involved and creating a fun safe environment for them to learn and enjoy the game of soccer. The club will support you along the way; offering tools for team management and training. 

Once a week our U6 – U10 teams will be assisted by a Soccer Trainer who will run practices, instructing both the players and you on the things that this age should be working on. It’s a lot of fun and the players will also really appreciate it. Remember they are here to support the our coaches.  

We offer all our U8+ teams TeamSnap. It is an sports team management app that is great for team communication. It's perfect for when practice is canceled for weather or any other reason. It lets the coaches know who will be at the game.

Ready to play


For the safety of our players, First thing we need you to do is get a Background Check. All coaches need to have an active RMA (Risk Management Application) and must register with Washington Youth Soccer(WYS) here to have a national background check completed. In addition, you need to register with our club here.

Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Manager need to be registered with both Queen Anne Soccer and WYS to complete the required registration process to be assigned to a team.

Thank you for considering Coaching or becoming a Team manager. 


The Vice President shall succeed to the office and powers of the President in his absence, or for the remainder of his term if vacated for any reason. In the event of such a vacancy, the Board shall elect a successor to the post of Vice President. He shall be the Chairman of the Match Protest Committee, shall resolve the Other Grievances as described in the Bylaws, and be responsible for inventory and equipment purchases.

Assist the Registrar in carrying the duties of that position

The Volunteer Coordinator shall be responsible for recruiting and maintaining volunteers as are needed for various QASC functions, events, or other needs.


President (Yarrow Banko)

The President's responsibilities are as follows:

  • Officially preside at all meetings
  • Act as Chairman of the Board
  • Be the official representative of the QASC
  • Be authorized to sign checks
  • Vote only to break a tie at general and board meetings
  • Ensures the Club operates within all governing organizations and documents
  • Nominates non-officer positions within the Club


Secretary (Richard Starnes)

The Secretary's responsibilities are as follows:

  • Attend to all correspondence for the QASC
  • Keep detailed minutes of all Board and general meetings
  • Keep records as necessary
  • Be responsible for the QASC only with the knowledge and permission of the President


Treasurer (Pat Tracey)

The Treasurer's responsibilities are as follows:

  • Have full charge of the finances of QASC
  • Report on the finances at all Board and general meetings
  • Submit financial transactions and the status of finances at the Annual General Meeting
  • Be authorized to sign checks


Commissioner - League Representative (Ryan Hall)

The League Representative's responsibilities are as follows:

  • Attend the SYSA meetings as the QASC representative
  • Report changes, information, and developments from the SYSA to QASC


Registrar (Anne Bare -SYSA)

The Registrar's responsibilities are as follows:

  • Owns process of registering players for soccer programs provided by QASC (i.e. Spring and/or Fall)
  • Sending appropriate forms and fees to the WSYSA for all participating players, coaches, and officers


Coaching and Player Program Director (Yarrow Banko)

The Coaching and Player Program Director's responsibilities are as follows:

  • Scheduling coaching clinics
  • Establish training and development programs for players during the seasons
  • Organize Academy training
  • Provide resources for coaches and players about various soccer programs in Seattle


Mini Program Registrar and Coordinator – Shawna Adams

The Mini Program Coordinator's responsibilities are as follows:

  • Assign registered players to teams for ages U6 and U7
  • Answer parent questions
  • Help recruit coaches
  • Organize Opening Day
  • Organize end of season tournament schedule
  • Organize end of season Collection Day


Judicial Representative (Stephanie Harrington)

The Judicial Representative shall be responsible for attending all the Judicial committee meetings as a representative of Queen Anne Soccer Club.


Field Coordinator (Trip Leonard)

The Field Coordinator's responsibilities are as follows:

  • Scheduling fields for team practices and games
  • Maintaining of fields and goals throughout the fall season - hang nets, line fields, etc.
  • Field Advocate for QASC


Website Manager (Rich Moe)

The Website Manager is responsible for maintaining the QASC club website weekly or as needed.


Equipment Coordinator (Pat Tracey)

The Equipment Coordinator's responsibilities are as follows:

  • Purchasing and maintaining Club uniforms and equipment such as soccer balls, nets, goals, first aid kits, etc.
  • Distribute equipment to and collect equipment from coaches as needed
  • Managing and reporting on inventory of Club equipment